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Trends from the COVID Era: Expert Big Village

August 20, 2021

Experts Weigh In on Trends Resulting from the Pandemic

The world of litigation is always changing — perhaps now more than ever. Trends across all fields of business and law throughout the last year have shaped and reshaped needs and opportunities. What do these changes mean for your business or legal firm? What can you expect? How can you stay ahead?

Our Expert by Big Village team interviewed three experts in our network to gather insight in this area, doing what we do best: Bringing a variety of perspectives to a topic that’s relevant for you. If you’re hoping to gain expert insight on COVID-era trends, take a look as our recent blog post series to get a synthesis of consultants’ changes and predictions for the future.

Trends from the COVID Era: Experts Weigh In 

Trends from the COVID Era: Disaster Preparedness

Trends from the COVID Era: Consumer Psychology

Trends from the COVID Era: The World of Litigation


Written by Zaq Baker, Senior Manager, Expert by Big Village.