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Plan. Activate. Measure.

Big Village provides agencies with a portfolio of audience and measurement services focused on improving outcomes.

Pitching/Planning Strategy

Win new business and/or plan new campaigns with deep intelligence on an expansive taxonomy of 1000’s of pre-built (+ custom) behavioral and attitudinal segments relevant to advertisers:
  • Media habits
  • Demo/psychographics
  • Category requirements
  • Interests
  • Purchase habits
  • Cultural trends


Reach these same segments (including custom) on all major media platforms:
  • Open web
  • Walled gardens
  • Bright Mountain proprietary inventory


Measure campaign impact by linking impressions to relevant outcomes captured by:
  • The taxonomy
  • Custom surveys
  • Engagement with digital properties (e.g. website inquiries)

The Big Village Difference:

Intentional connectivity between use cases allows agencies to plan, activate, and measure using the same data source, avoiding the hops and skips that typically lead to sub-optimal targeting and subsequent waste. Custom segments facilitate further continuity with upstream research initiatives that are typically the foundation of campaigns.

Targeting the right audience has never been more important.

Find out more about Audience Intelligence, Big Village’s proprietary audience service, that helps advertisers and their partners deliver better outcomes by arming them with solutions that help improve and optimize strategy, delivery, and measurement.

Understanding audiences and providing cultural insights is in our DNA.

Find out more about Cassandra, Big Village’s insights and cultural strategy group and the foremost authority on Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha research focusing on emerging trends, generational insights, and youth behavior.

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