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Audience Intelligence

Audience Intelligence, Big Village’s proprietary audience service, helps advertisers and their partners deliver better outcomes by arming them with solutions that help improve and optimize strategy, delivery, and measurement​.

Our Offer

A pre-built cross-vertical taxonomy developed
from voice of customer (VOC), behavioral, and contextual data

  • Intentions, purchases, attitudes, interests, values, sentiments

Deep insights on each segment in taxonomy

  • Media behaviors, purchase behaviors, interests, values, sentiments

Custom (option to add segments built from custom VOC to both of the above)

  • Proprietary segments, product/service intenders, other segments not already in the pre-built taxonomy

Use Cases


Appends to survey or customer data sets with extensive VOC, behavioral and contextual classifications (from pre-built taxonomy)

Enhance survey data sets or 1st party data sets (e.g. customer files) to better understand the populations contained within them


Access to deep media and attitudinal data on pre-built or custom segments

Plan media and communications strategy for specific target audiences


Access to pre-qualified digital media impressions on pre-built or custom segments 

Target delivery of campaigns to these segments precisely and efficiently

The Impact is Meaningful

30% more access

21% more valid

2x more scale

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