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Audience Intelligence for Emerging Marketplace Demand

A leading full-service property and casualty insurer set out to create a self-service option to cater to emerging marketplace demand. The goal was to develop a better understanding of their existing customer base, identify potential new audiences, and prioritize messaging across channels. The initiative was driven by business objectives to grow sales, improve customer satisfaction and engagement, and reduce the cost of acquisition.

What we did:

Big Village assisted this insurer with its go-to-market strategy by first helping them identify the right features and benefits for the new platform and to size up market demand for it. Big Village then onboarded ‘likely buyers’ of the service to Audience Intelligence, its proprietary market/media intelligence platform, to unlock additional insights on these buyers that the insurer and its internal agency could leverage to plan and execute demand gen campaigns for the new service.

The result:

With the help of Audience Intelligence, we were able to gain valuable insights into likely buyers and determine how best to reach them in the marketplace. We identified the target audiences’ needs, preferences and behaviors, including the channels they preferred for communication. We also uncovered media consumption patterns that informed messaging strategies and optimized ad spend across various channels.