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Bleacher Report: Tapping the Pulse of Youth Culture in Sports

Bleacher Report aimed to capitalize on the sports interest within youth culture to monetize its audience, foster a vibrant community, and draw in new users. Their strategy focused on two main objectives: gaining a profound understanding of Gen Z and Millennial values, motivations, and behaviors in relation to sports, and exploring how global events like mental health, social justice, and pandemics influence sports from the perspective of these demographics.

What We Did:

To achieve these goals, Big Village’s youth trends team Cassandra executed a meticulous three-step plan:

  • Step 1: Comprehensive Analysis of the Cassandra Report—Conducted an extensive examination of over 20 years’ worth of youth and cultural trends data and expert insights.
  • Step 2: Quantitative Survey – Engaged in a quantitative survey to gauge crucial trends and insights into Gen Z and Millennial attitudes, behaviors, and preferences in Youth Culture. A thorough sample selection ensured diverse inputs that led to statistically significant results. This analysis provided Bleacher Report with actionable insights on key behaviors, preferences, and perceptions essential for attracting and retaining younger audiences.
  • Step 3: 2-day Hive utilizing the Cassandra Collective—a community of Trendsetters—to uncover youth culture insights with a sports focus while capturing multimedia assets to enhance the presentation of findings.

The Result:

Not only was the client able to socialize the work internally, which helped with strategy and sales, but the client was also able to use the final report to publish public-facing content on their consultative thought leadership platform, HeartBeats