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Digital Hives Online Communities Deliver Key Insights On Emerging Clients

Our client, who provides personal brokerage services to individual investors, was interested in understanding the awareness, needs, perceptions and behaviors among “emerging clients” — those 13-17 years old. The client was learning and developing new offerings targeted to this audience over the course of a year and needed a way to learn and develop then test iteratively.

What we did:

Big Village’s Digital Hives Online Communities established an Always-On Hive of 13–17-year-olds to interact with regularly (initially weekly, then monthly). Each period, we worked with the client to define the engagements, moderate them in the Hive, and deliver a report of the results.

The client was able to get a deep understanding of their target teen population, as well as nuances between the 13–14-year-olds and 15-17-year-olds that helped them to understand the journey to financial engagement and education. They were able to build concepts and prototypes that were tested among their target and make improvements to their offering so it would enter the market with the strongest appeal and adoption.

The result:

By partnering with Big Village’s Digital Hive Online Communities, the client was able to uncover key insights to inform product and marketing strategies that helped them launch their offerings successfully.

They were able to test different concepts, approaches and messaging in an agile manner that best leveraged their resources. Through this partnership, the client gained valuable insight into how teens interact with financial services.