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Enhancing Trust and Safety through Community Feedback and IDIs

Trust and safety are the two biggest initiatives by most major social media companies today. Our client, a global social media company, came to us to help name and position these initiatives on their site in order to create clear and transparent information for its users. This was part of a larger initiative to set the nomenclature for the entire industry and develop its brand equity around trust and safety. 

What We Did:

Big Village worked with our social media client to really dig into options they generated based on prior desk and primary research. We designed a Digital Hive, an online community, comprised of users that represent many cohorts of the US population, and later in Japan and Brazil, to ensure all voices on their platform were heard and understood. Following the community, Big Village recruited very articulate participants to be part of 12 one-on-one interviews (IDIs) to further understand their feedback and the nuances between the options the client provided.

The Result:

The results of combining a Digital Hive Community with One-on-One interviews (IDIs) worked really well for such a complex topic. The client team loved the interaction and creative feedback from the community. The IDIs expanded on the test, video, screen safari and other content utilized for participants to communicate using a multiple learning modalities approach to democratize the feedback and ensure all voices are heard.