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Finding the Right Product Name for a Major Shipping Corporation

A major shipping organization developed an online portal that offers their customers, mainly small and medium sized businesses, access to multiple shipping software companies at discounted rates. They had already developed a list of names for this portal, but needed to understand which name would resonate best with their target customers.

Big Village utilized the standardized Name Testing solution to gauge the reaction of the client’s target customers to 5 names for their new online portal.

Using the standardized sequential monadic Name Testing survey, including a customizable screening to identify the client’s target audience, Big Village was able to launch the survey one day after receiving the list of names. 150 evaluations of each of the 5 names were conducted in 4 days to measure: general reaction, match to portal description, appeal, trustworthiness, relevance, creativity, ease of pronunciation, and likelihood to sign up.

A full report with recommendations was delivered within an additional 3 business days.

The Outcome

One name was a clear winner, scoring highest for all key Name Testing metrics, making it easy for Big Village to recommend that name to the client. However, through this research, Big Village also identified that there was an opportunity for improvement for all names tested and offered insights into how to optimize even the winning name, or potentially consider developing a few new names to test. The client used that additional information to consider their options, gaining the confidence that when they do decide on the final name, it will be one their customers will relate to.