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Ready-Made Research Solutions

Big Village Ready-Made Solutions are standardized research projects that allow you to get the cost and timing benefits promised by DIY without sacrificing quality. Our research experts have pre-designed, standardized research methodologies so that you don’t have to. All you need to do is provide your inputs and our researchers will get underway.

Our research provides a quick, cost-effective way to gauge consumer reactions to concepts, names, ideas, and more. What often takes weeks can be done in as little as three days.

Concept Testing

As the world and consumers are constantly changing, it’s more important than ever to keep up with the pace of change when it comes to developing new products or services. Brands need to be able to test and refine products and concepts in an iterative way to make important business decisions in a timely manner, all within budget, of course.

Big Village Concept Testing provides a quick, cost-effective way to gauge consumer reactions to your concepts.

We provide many options and all of the standard concept rating metrics, including:

Purchase interest
Brand fit
Additional metrics based on your concept
Custom screening questions for audience fit

Name Testing

When you’re trying to decide on a name for your new product or service, it’s important to be able to test and refine naming options in an iterative way, within a timely manner. Big Village Name Testing provides a fast, cost-effective way to measure consumer reactions to your new product names — in as little as three days.

Concept Testing provides a quick, cost-effective way to gauge consumer reaction and sentiment toward your names, including:

Purchase interest
Ease of pronunciation
Custom screening questions for audience fit

Idea Testing

It’s easy to come up with new product ideas during ideation and internal brainstorms. It’s harder to prioritize ideas within rapid product development timelines and limited budgets. As a result, many companies look to internal sentiment at the expense of consumer input, increasing the chance of failure from the very beginning of product development.

Big Village Idea Testing allows companies a quick, cost-effective way to understand which ideas should advance, which need more work, or which should be paused. We examine intuitive associations for idea comprehension — combined with idea preference — and provide the most important metrics for diagnostic purposes:

Brand fit

Message Testing

Crafting the right message for your product or service can be challenging as many times messages do not translate well into advertising. Big Village’s message testing pinpoints the winning messages for your target audience to bring into creative development.

We also include heat maps to help you optimize the messages for your audience. Our approach includes:

Intuitive associations analysis
Level of information
Purchase interest
Ease of understanding

Price Testing

One of the biggest challenges with price evaluation is that no one remembers what they actually paid for products and services. Big Village has eliminated the need for respondents to specify a dollar amount by leveraging a unique design that compares to competitive products they already buy instead.

Our design includes:

Evaluation of alternatives
Backend analysis with target price point
Based on in-market pricing data

Find the right ready-made research solution for you

Our new product & services testing solutions are made to fit your needs, and your budget. With 3 tiers of testing available, you can choose the option that is right for you.

Included in all tiers:

  • Sequential monadic or monadic design
  • n=200 per name minimum
  • 4 custom screening and / or profiling questions
  • Expertly designed evaluation questions
  • Standardized demographics

Tier 1: Gen Pop Sample

  • Broad consumer population
  • As little as 3 business days
  • Dashboard and data tables
  • Starting at $4,000

Tier 2: Targeted Sample

  • Custom sample
  • As little as 7 business days
  • Executive summary report
  • Starting at $12,000*


*Assumes consumer sample of 50% incidence or higher and no more than 3 concepts

Tier 3:

  • All elements customizable
  • Starting at $36,000

Brand Tracking

As the pace of change moves faster than ever, so do shifting brand perceptions. It’s more important than ever to be able to get a pulse on what consumers think about your brand – and how those brand perceptions may shift over time.

With Big Village’s Brand Tracking capabilities, you can monitor your brand perception and brand equity at the level that you need. Our Brand Tracking is not a one size fits all solution – our three tiers offer different levels of customization and different levels of pricing, so you can tailor your brand tracking survey to your needs.

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