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Harnessing AI for Enhanced Market Segmentation

Big Village supports a popular design software company through multiple research projects. Recently, our client expressed a need to better understand who is most likely to use and benefit from their core product beyond their identified target audience. Despite working with them for over a year, research projects have not addressed this question directly. However, the client did not have the time or budget to field new research – we had to answer this question the best we could with the information we had.

What We Did:

Big Village took transcripts from 2 years of regular qualitative research conducted on our Hives (MROC) platform. Combining these manually to uncover valuable nuggets to develop cohesive insights took a lot of work. So, we leveraged an AI analysis tool to help. The tool parsed the relevant information from the target audience in question and summarized the perceived benefits into themes. Our analysts then delved deeper into the data to uncover specific use cases and sub-segments demonstrating differentiated benefits to factor into future marketing campaigns and product innovations.

The Result:

We delivered a high-impact analysis to the client, addressing a key pain point within a few days and without additional investment. The analysis results acted as a catalyst for evolving the client’s existing segmentation strategy. This evolution helped them address their customers and prospects at a more human level, grounded in emotional context rather than just demographics and behaviors that historically defined the segments.