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6 Media Segments You Should Know

October 12, 2022

Big Village continues to evolve and enhance its Audience Intelligence platform with its introduction of 6 bespoke media segments.

Leveraging a US representative sample of over 25,000 survey completes, Big Village’s Audience Intelligence is a fully integrated and holistic
planning and activation platform that addresses media planning, profiling and general media insights in one. In addition to supplying deep insights on media behaviors and attitudes of over 5,000 market segments, Big Village has segmented respondents into 6 unique media personas.

The young Gen Z and Millennial population clusters into 3 segments:

Young & Online

  • Heavy social media usage that over index on Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and “other” platforms. In addition to YouTube over indexing compared to Total it is also among the most frequently used along with Facebook.
  • Heavy website and online presence as well. Entertainment and Information sites are among the most frequently visited.
  • Moderate podcast consumption with “Other”, Society & Culture and Comedy as the top genres consumed.
  • TV consumption is the lowest of any other segment.
  • Demographically this segment is split for gender and skews towards Asian and mixed racial background.

Social Generation

  • Heaviest social media usage and considers themselves early adopters and influencers of new trends within their social circles. Snapchat, Tumblr, TikTok Instagram and YouTube are the main distinctions from the total population. However, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are the most frequently used.
  • Podcast consumption is moderate to high among this segment. True Crime, Comedy, Society and Culture, and Other are the main topics consumed.
  • Website usage is also moderate to high and mostly focused on Jobs, and Entertainment sites.
  • TV consumption is relatively low for this segment.
  • In addition to skewing Gen Z and Millennial, this segment skews female, is diverse ethnically, less educated and having children in the household compared to the general population.

Young Professional & Trendy Influencers

  • Similar to the Social Generation, this segment considers themselves to be early adopters and influencers.
  • Highest consumption of podcasts – Popular topics are Health, Business, Sports, True Crime and News.
  • Magazine consumption is also high among this segment. Online readership is focused on Sports & Outdoor, Fashion & Beauty, Business, Science & Technology and Health and Wellness content.
  • Online newspaper readership is focused on Automotive and Fashion categories.
  • Social media is also a key media channel for this segment. Compared to the Total population nearly all social platforms with the exception of Facebook over index. However, Facebook, along with YouTube and Instagram are among the most frequently used.
  • Demographically this group skews Millennial – a bit older than Young & Online and Social Generation. Additionally, the segment skews slightly male, upper income, educated (over indexes for advanced degrees) and has children in the household.

The remaining three segments skew a bit older – Gen X and Baby Boomers. 

Gen Pop Streamers

  • Heavy CTV and streaming TV consumption. TV viewing is largely consumed through paid subscription and some linear/traditional cable channels. Amazon Prime and Netflix are among the most frequent Subscription Video On-Demand (SVOD) platforms. Tubi and YouTube TV are among the most frequent Ad-Based Video On-Demand (AVOD) platforms.
  • Other than heavy CTV consumption this segment is largely on par with the general population for other media channel consumption.
  • Demographically this segment skews slight Gen X and female but is otherwise is representative of the US population.

Linear Boomer Consumer

  • Highest TV consumption but is largely linear/traditional cable. News, Live Sports, Gameshows, Crime and Drama are among the most frequently consumed genres.
  • Newspaper and radio consumption are similar to the general population.
  • Not surprisingly this segment is least active on social media as well as podcasts.
  • Demographically the segment skews Baby Boomer, split among gender, skews slightly White/Caucasian, largely retired and has no children in the household.

Low Consumer Boomer

  • Moderate TV consumption and skews sightly linear/traditional cable vs CTV. Other Programs, Talk Shows and Game Shows are among the top genres watched.
  • Consumption across the various other media channels consumption is low.
  • Demographically this segments skews Baby Boomer, slightly female, retired/not currently employed and homemakers, less educated, income under $50K and no children in household.

With the addition of these segments marketers and researchers alike can understand how the market consumes media, how certain demographics consume media and make better informed decisions for activation or descriptive profiling. 

When Audience Intelligence was created, portability and flexibility was at the forefront of its overall design. Through AI and machine learning, Big Village creates custom segments for our clients and port them into Audience Intelligence to understand media habits, interest and values as well as continually added data assets. However, with the addition of the bespoke segmentation, Big Village can leverage its media segment typing tool on ad-hoc research studies to attach holistic personas to any client specified sample giving greater flexibility and portability across different research needs and budgets.

Written by Mike Miller, Vice President, Insights at Big Village