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Cassandra’s “Life Interrupted” Report Finds Gen Z and Millennials Feeling Aimless in Age of COVID-19

April 1, 2020

Life Interrupted Report Helps Brands Connect with Young Consumers During Unprecedented Time

New York, April 1, 2020 – Cassandra, Big Village’s insights and strategy group that studies trendsetting young consumers, announced today the release of Life Interrupted: A Cassandra Special Edition, a bi-weekly report providing insights into how Covid-19 will impact Gen Zs and Millennials, including their values, behaviors, and how the culture will move forward and evolve.

Covid-19 is already emerging as the defining event for today’s Gen Zs and Millennials. There is a need for brands to understand what is going on right now in the minds of young consumers so they can better connect and communicate with them effectively during these scary and challenging time, and understand the long-term impact of this crisis.

One of the key findings from the “Life Interrupted” report is that Gen Zs and many Millennials are currently feeling aimless. This can be explained in that Gen Zs are more likely to be students, who now have their classes canceled. Also, many Gen Zs and Millennials are workers in service industries that can’t shift into working from home. Additionally, Millennials and Gen Zs are gig economy workers – and are now experiencing a lower demand for their services.

“In 2019, we found that only 40% of Gen Zs and Millennials reported feeling bored daily, but it has been a recurring theme in our research on the effects of the pandemic,” said Kathy Sheehan, Senior Vice President of Cassandra.

So how are Gen Zs and Millennials filling their empty time? Cassandra found that they have taken up crafting, are more active on social networks like TikTok and are challenging themselves with personal goals including fitness/working out, learning new languages and how to cook. They are also catching up on their backlog of movies and shows to watch on streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, and listening to podcasts.

“In order for brands to succeed with Gen Zs and Millennials not only now, but in the future, they need to better understand which attitudinal and behavioral changes will be permanent, have an awareness of developing cultural movements, and the foundational values emerging for each generation going through Covid-19. This is what the ‘Life Interrupted’ report findings offer to brands,” said Kathy Sheehan.

Life Interrupted: A Cassandra Special Edition draws upon the insights of The Cassandra Collective™ an exclusive, always-on online community of creative, passionate, and trendsetting Millennials and Gen Zs. The Special Edition is available to clients and is posted on the Cassandra website. Take a look at the Infographic here.

Contact for more information, or to inquire about custom research or the full Special Edition collective findings.


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