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Consumer Tech & COVID-19

May 14, 2020

As most Americans watch shelter in place and social distancing orders extend from days to weeks to months, the realization that we are no longer able to communicate and spend time with friends, family, and colleagues in-person is daunting. And just like that, the important role of consumer technology in the home is amplified. The ways that Americans’ conduct business and spend free time have changed, possibly forever. Consumer technology is connecting people in ways that we never imagined two months ago, introducing many new experiences such as Distance Learning, Zoom Happy Hours, and Fortnite Party Royale virtual hangouts. All these experiences (and more) enabled by technology

To better understand how people are adjusting to their newfound reliance on consumer tech, and the increased screen time they are experiencing, Big Village fielded a survey and the differences between younger and older adults are striking. Half of younger adults 18-44 reported that they initially increased their screen time immediately after shelter-in-place orders were enacted but since have decreased their screen time and replaced it with analog escapes like cooking, baking, and playing board games. We also observe striking differences in current and future consumer tech purchase intent with younger adults leaning toward video game equipment, video games, and streaming TV devices, while older adults 45+ seem to be reclaiming some peace and quiet from family members (and their connected devices) with higher intent to purchase headphones and computers in the next year.

Check out Big Village’s new infographic to learn more about the changing dynamic of consumer tech purchases and behavior.

Written by David Feick, Vice President at Big Village Insights