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Brands that lead with consumers, win.

Big Village believes customer understanding is key to brand success.

We design, build and manage consumer insights projects and programs that enable always-on learning and generate growth.

Formerly ORC (Opinion Research Corp.), we offer the advantage of over 80 years of partnership and perspective through industry experience, innovative approaches and proven methods, alongside the industry’s best current thinking on data quality and the integration of artificial intelligence in insights.

How we work.

Big Village provides guidance no matter where you are in the process. We combine tech-enabled solutions with experienced insights professionals to help you meet your goals

Please get in touch with us to schedule a time to review your needs.
You’ll work with a Client Advisor to refine objectives.

They will recommend an approach to meet your goals. Client Advisors are experienced client partners, many of whom have worked at leading brands.

A Client Engagement Lead will become involved as the goals and objectives become clear.

They will be assigned based on the methods included in the solution. The Client Engagement Lead is responsible for taking care of all the details of your project or program and keeping you as informed as you want along the way.

The Client Advisor and Engagement Lead work together to ensure the project or program meets your goals and stays within budget.

They will keep you informed if there are any issues along the way that need your attention.

Big Village will encourage you to stay connected and continue to learn.

From turning a project into a program, to many of the multi-year partnerships we hold with fortune 100 brands – we believe in being “always-on.”

Client Advisory

Cassandra Gardner
Cathy Cottle
Dave Stewart
Ed Merritt
Jen Hanson
Jeron Hernandez
Jim Nelson
Lindsay Vanek
Margaret Rorick
Matthew Conrad
Sean Mulkerron


David Albert
General Manager
Andy Davidson
Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Kathy Sheehan
SVP, Cassandra
Tom Spindler
SVP, Data Operations
Rich Tomasco
Christine Palumbo
Vice President, Secondary Research
Jennifer Adams
SVP, Digital Hives and Online Communities
Lisa Marie Fortier
SVP, Client Engagement