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Brands that lead, win.

We believe that brands committed to truly knowing their customers – those as invested in understanding their customers, as their customers are in their own consumption – win.

We design, build and manage consumer insights projects and programs that enable always-on learning and generate growth.

Formerly ORC (Opinion Research Corp.), we offer the advantage of over 80 years of partnership and perspective through industry experience, innovative approaches and proven methods, alongside the industry’s best current thinking on data quality and the integration of artificial intelligence in insights.

How Big Village Insights can help

Audience Segmentation & Targeting

Our Audience solutions help you deliver the right message to the right consumer, enabling you to understand customers & prospects, define their needs & determine how to best reach them.

Product Innovation

Big Village designs custom solutions to help you understand consumer and market reactions to concepts as innovations are being developed, without slowing down your fast-paced timelines.

Building & Measuring Your Brand

Through a combination of survey research, online qual, activation techniques, and a portfolio of measurement solutions, Big Village delivers custom solutions to help you build and measure your brand.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

Big Village’s holistic CX approach combines your customers’ and employees’ voices with performance measurement, behavioral data & predictive analytics to help maximize customer lifetime value.

B2B Growth

Big Village is your strategic B2B growth partner to help you identify and effectively pursue new markets, new audiences, new solutions and new requirements for existing customers.

Client Advisory

Cassandra Gardner
Cathy Cottle
Dave Stewart
Ed Merritt
Jen Hanson
Jeron Hernandez
Jim Nelson
Lindsay Vanek
Margaret Rorick
Matthew Conrad
Sean Mulkerron


David Albert
General Manager
Andy Davidson
Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Kathy Sheehan
SVP, Cassandra
Tom Spindler
Vice President, Data Operations
Rich Tomasco
Vice President, CARAVAN Surveys
Christine Palumbo
Vice President, Secondary Research
Jennifer Adams
SVP, Digital Hives and Online Communities
Lisa Marie Fortier
SVP, Client Engagement