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Most Americans Believe Wearing a Mask Should Be a Personal Decision

April 22, 2022

As most have probably heard by now, this week the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) said it would no longer require masks to be worn on public transportation, after a federal judge ruled the CDC overstepped its legal authority to require masks on planes and other forms of public transportation. But are Americans really ready to take off their masks on public transportation? We decided to find out!


Masks: Yay or Nay?



To Travel or Not to Travel?



Leave’em On or Rip’em Off



This CARAVAN survey was conducted by Big Village Insights among a demographically representative U.S. sample of 1,005 adults 18 years of age and older. This survey was live on April 20-22, 2022.

Written by the CARAVAN team at Big Village Insights. Learn more about our Online CARAVAN® omnibus surveys here. Contact us at for more information.