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Start Strong, Finish Ahead with Accelerated Intelligence

March 9, 2022

Big Village Delivers Intelligence and Alignment on Strategic Work Streams

In any race, getting a strong start raises the probability of finishing ahead. While agility at Big Village means delivering accurately and quickly for our client teams, in many cases agility also means ensuring that strategic execution is fueled by credible, current, and connected information to get smart and get aligned. Setting course correctly and ensuring an initiative opens itself up to the best, current thinking (outside of the client’s walls) have become hallmarks of many well-executed, strategic efforts Big Village has been a part of, most readily when leveraging Big Village’s Accelerated Intelligence (AI) suite.


Accelerated Intelligence, Applied

Take, for example, a recent client initiative in the health insurance space where a product category had long been fragmented and seemed ripe for reinvention. Using Accelerated Intelligence, Big Village was able to assess the market and key competitors to level set the opportunity for the project team. The findings netted-out with an inevitable recalibration to focus on product vs. category – a much different level of investment, with far greater chance of “finishing ahead” than their original objective. With large teams and scores of informed internal opinions at client organizations, partnering with Big Village to gain perspective affords our client leadership distinct advantages with the clarity of outside, objective sourcing to rely on – alleviating opinion based, anecdotal and “focus-group-of-one” driven workstreams.


Big Village’s Accelerated Intelligence Is Uniquely Positioned to Deliver Strong Starts:

  • Our Accelerated Intelligence (AI) team provides expert, and often category-specific analysis on client challenges and opportunities, all sourced from public, private and industry leading content
  • The AI team mobilizes on-demand to plug into client work where clarity, credible information and well-developed thinking are needed
  • The AI team frames the ask to ensure an efficient approach and gets underway to begin accumulating observations
  • In many cases, the work is enhanced by proprietary access to industry leading experts who provide invaluable perspective, (our Expert Big Village houses 1,000s of pre-qualified professionals prepared to connect with our client teams on short notice)
  • Aggregated and synthesized findings are captured in extensive, top-line style reporting, which tend to become like play-books as initiatives get underway,
  • The best part is that this whole process typically takes place in days, not weeks.


Using Accelerated Intelligence in Your Next Initiative

AI has become so critical to a number of client organizations that they’ve built out internal systems to facilitate the quick delivery of requests back to the Big Village AI team. Requests most often live at the start of an initiative, when ideas are forming and the right information has the opportunity to make significant impact on outcomes. Consider pulling your teams together around the right information early when you’re next charged with making sense of a complex challenge and know that ENGNIE is ready and able to support you in a team effort to start strong.


Written by Jim Nelson, SVP at Big Village Insights.