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The Pulse: The Ukraine Conflict and a Pandemic Update

March 8, 2022

At Big Village Insights we have been tracking the trends and current events. Here is what we have seen so far in 2022.

The Pandemic

This year, we all rang int the new year with an unwelcome companion – the Omicron COVID-19 variant. Fortunately, things have quickly improved. At the beginning of January, only 26% of US adults agreed that the overall COVID-19 situation is getting better. This number has quickly climbed over the first couple months of the year with 61% of US Adults now agreeing that the overall COVID-19 situation is getting better. This is great progress that we hope to watch continue in our data.


As we saw US Adults becoming more positive on the COVID-19 situation in earlier February, we decided to start tracking whether or not US Adults believe if those that are vaccinated/boosted can now relax COVID precautions and live their lives as they did before the pandemic. When we first asked the question in early February, only 33% of US Adults agreed with this. This number has slowly increased week over week to 43% now in early March.


We have also been asking US Adults about their vaccination status. 73% of US adults received a full first round of the COVID-19 vaccine and 47% have been received a booster shot. These numbers are significantly lower for younger generations, especially Gen Z with only 66% vaccinated and 29% boosted.
* Data aggregated from the following data collection periods: 01/26/22 – 01/28/22, 02/09/22 – 02/11/22, 02/23/22 – 02/25/22


Ukraine Conflict

The conflict between the Russia and Ukraine has been in the news since early January but has dominated the headlines since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th. In early January we asked US adults whether they support U.S. military intervention in the conflict. Support has waivered between 36% and 40% since the beginning of the year. Uncertainty about support was high in early January with 40% of US adults saying that they neither agreed nor disagreed. As uncertainty has fallen to 29% in March, those that do not support U.S. military intervention has rose from 19% in early January to 29% in early March. The data suggests that those who were uncertain in early January have predominantly grown to not support military intervention. 

* Question text updated in March from “I support U.S. military intervention in a potential escalation of the Ukraine/Russia conflict”


During our 03/02/22 – 03/04/22 wave of CARAVAN we asked US Adults about some other aspects of the Ukraine/Russia conflict. When it comes to how President Biden is handling the situation, US adults are evenly divided with 36% agreeing that they approve with how he is handling it and 37% disagree. US adults are not divided on their concern that the Ukraine/Russia conflict will lead to a larger global conflict with 77% of US adults concerned. When it comes to what brands/companies responses to the Russia/Ukraine conflict, 66% of US adults believe that brands/companies have an obligation to boycott Russia in whatever ways they can.

Written by Jake Kelley, Director, Reporting at Big Village Insights.



This Online CARAVAN® omnibus survey was conducted on March 2-4, 2022. Approximately 1,000 adults selected from opt-in panels were surveyed. The results are also weighted to U.S. Census data to be demographically representative. Written by the CARAVAN team at Big Village Insights. Learn more about our Online CARAVAN® omnibus surveys here. Contact us at for more information.