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Fast Insights for a New Business Pitch

Our client, a marketing agency with limited experience in the appliance sector, was presented with an incredible opportunity to pitch for new business from one of the industry’s leading names.

With little understanding about their target audience, competitors, and market trends, they had just days to craft a compelling proposal and present it. Our team knew we needed to act quickly and efficiently.

A 3-Pronged Approach

After our client reached out for strategic guidance, Big Village sprang into action. Our industry experts developed a 3-pronged investigation to provide the answers needed.

Within 1 week of our client reaching out for support, we were already sharing insight and recommendations with their agency strategy team – ensuring they could make an impactful pitch in this time sensitive situation!


With the goal of perfecting their market strategy, Big Village studied the market dynamics and competitors — and tapped into an immense pool of data from authoritative secondary sources.


Big Village’s CARAVAN™ uncovered invaluable insights into consumer preferences, perceptions, and purchasing journeys, tested the client team’s hypothesis, and more with their custom research. These findings enabled the client team to deepen their understanding of brand equities in order to identify new opportunities for growth.


Big Village’s Audience Intelligence platform enabled powerful audience profiling. The platform combines cross-channel media consumption data, consumer interest, attitudes, and values, for the full portfolio of Big Village’s addressable audiences.

Great Insights Enable a Big Win

Our client’s pitch was elevated by the insights uncovered with Big Village. With data to back it up, they demonstrated their deep understanding of the category and won the pitch — resulting in new business growth for the agency and the potential for a new, long-term client partnership.