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Our secondary research analysts are an extension of your team.

The Big Village Accelerated Intelligence team integrates human insight, authoritative published content, and AI technology to deliver insightful business decision support. Our analysts leverage continuously improving sources that integrate text analytics, AI, and other technologies. We create holistic solutions by blending advisory expertise, insights from extensive authoritative published sources, professional insights from peer-recommended experts, and social media analytics.

Let Big Village invest the time and effort in applying generative AI tools to your growing list of content providers. We will spend the time developing prompts to generate the best results and decipher the quality results to share with you and your team.

Accelerated Intelligence invests significantly on an annual basis on a variety of industry sources – specialty industry data, trades, newspapers, business publications, databases, and business directories. Big Village maintains internal libraries and has access to a broad range of public and proprietary databases all while applying tools from the dynamic AI industry to our results.

Best-in-class secondary research sources

Big Village’s seasoned secondary research analysts identify the best-in-class sources to review (open web and premium) for any given information need and have the skills to search those sources efficiently. Every source is reviewed in depth for references to other published sources and possible interview contacts.

After the Big Village team has identified key premium content to address your business needs, through both artificial intelligence and human intelligence, that content is synthesized and collated blending advisory expertise and industry insights to address your business challenge.


Business & Trade Journals


Professional & Trade Association Memberships


Directories & Reference Sources


Databases & Subscription Paid Websites

Secondary research products

Market assessments

Each market profile provides a current overview of a specific industry. These are used to support decisions to move into new geographies, acquisitions in new markets and understand competitive landscapes.

Take a look at what one of our Market Assessment reports looks like!

Company assessments

When you need to get a detailed understanding of acquisition targets, potential partners, competitors, customers, and suppliers.

Take a look at what one of our Company Assessment reports looks like!


Anticipate the future direction of trends, innovate ahead of the market, move early and move fast with less risk.

Take a look at what one of our Trends reports looks like!

Media audit

Identify, quantify and qualify media coverage of your brand, topic or market to assist you with recognizing white spaces in public relation efforts.

Take a look at what one of our Media Audit reports looks like!

Supplier research/sourcing

Help identify suppliers and verify their ability to meet customer specifications and delivery requirements for materials, parts, components, and products.
Our sourcing team locates alternative sources for procurement and back up suppliers for manufacturing.
Additionally, we acquire product samples to test and evaluate for incorporation into new products.

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