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Dry Eye Disease Media Audit

Big Village partnered with an agency to provide the agency’s client, a pharmaceutical company, with a brand tracker on an emerging dry eye disease prescription drug. While the brand tracker offers detailed insights on awareness and key primary research content, the team was also hoping to learn more about the market and to understand the brand’s media coverage and serve as a broader baseline of the brand narrative.

Big Villages’s Accelerated Intelligence team mapped out an approach to assess our client’s client and their two major competitor’s media presence. Our approach included designing and executing a series of complex search strings to identify the most relevant coverage of the brands in content sources like AlphaSense for equity research, Factiva for print or online media, Brandwatch for social media analytics, Numerator for paid media, Kantar for media spend, etc.

Additionally, Big Village monitors the brands’ shifting market share quarter over quarter as well as their media spend to indicate campaign focus.

The Outcome

On a quarterly cadence and complementary to the Big Village existing Brand Awareness tracker, Big Villages’s media audit provides a thorough understanding of how each brand is being covered in the media. We validate campaign and messaging assessments; we anticipate shifts in company or brand strategy from competitors and provide key observations about brand strategy. Our client is informed and knowledgeable about the competitive landscape when making observations and suggestions to their client.