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Unleashing the Power of MomLife: Your Key to Winning the Household

Moms wield an astounding $2 trillion in spending power and hold sway over more than 85% of household purchase decisions. To effectively engage and cater to them, brands must possess a profound understanding of their preferences, attitudes, and shopping habits.

MomLife gives brands direct access to the ultimate influencer: Mom

Big Village has curated a panel of diverse and engaged moms eager to share their experiences and perspectives. MomLife provides brands with unparalleled access to the motivations and intentions of the person most responsible for the products that make it into the home, the media household members consume, and what Mom and others in the house spend their time and money on.

Big Village’s MomLife platform offers an invaluable opportunity for your brand to gain unparalleled insights into how moms think, feel, and spend—inside and outside your category.

How we built the MomLife Panel

In collaboration with Wild Sky Media, publishers of prominent websites such as CafeMom, MamásLatinas, LittleThings, and, Big Village has assembled an always-on panel of moms who are actively engaging with us, each other, and our clients around topics related to money, career, child-raising, aging parents, health & wellness, shopping, passions, lifestyles, and more.

Our panelists undergo a rigorous selection process, ensuring their experiences and opinions accurately reflect the diverse range of Moms you need to engage to win the day for your brand. Using our best-in-class qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, our clients can engage the entire group or a bespoke selection in online focus groups, ethnography, mystery shopping, surveys, concept and messaging refinement, creative ideation, and much more.

How the MomLife Panel can add value to your brand

In-Depth Understanding

Gain unparalleled insights into moms’ preferences, needs, and aspirations. Leverage qualitative and quantitative research methodologies executed by expert researchers to inform your marketing, messaging, and innovation.

Targeted Ad Messaging

Craft compelling ad messages that deeply resonate with moms. Utilize MomLife to plan the most effective message, pre-test, and optimize your campaigns.

Effective Ad Targeting

Utilize data-driven strategies to identify the most effective channels and platforms to reach moms. Leverage our insights to optimize your media spend and increase the ROI of your marketing efforts. Big Village’s unique targeting capabilities transform attitudes and intentions into addressable audiences at scale.

Product Development

MomLife provides valuable input and ideas to help you innovate and refine your offerings. Ensure your products align with moms’ expectations and preferences, increasing the likelihood of success with this crucial demographic.

Build Brand Loyalty

Foster stronger connections with moms by showcasing your genuine understanding and care for their needs. Maximize the opportunity to gain “recommended by mom” status and solidify brand loyalty.

Introducing the Momlife Segmentation

Memory Maker

The maestro of memories, orchestrating a childhood filled with adventure, and unforgettable experiences

Yes Mom

The ultimate cheerleader, seizing the day to fill their child’s life with laughter, love, and limitless possibilities

Mother Earth

A nurturing steward of the Earth, guiding her child with a gentle hand and an eco-conscious heart

The Compass

The champion of collaboration, crafting a delicate balance between love & boundaries to nurture respect

Mama Bear

Embodies the protective force field around her child leaning on technology as a vital lifeline

The Pilot

The captain of your family’s ship, charting a course to ensure your child reaches their fullest potential.

Seize this opportunity to truly understand and connect with the most influential person in the household—Mom.

Partner with Big Village today to unlock your brand’s full potential and gain a distinct edge over your competitors. Let’s leverage the power of MomLife together.