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Brand Lift

Every marketer is challenged with justifying their efforts. Advertisers spend millions of dollars each year on marketing campaigns that are designed to do everything from building brand awareness to driving an immediate sale.

Understanding the impact of these campaigns is paramount to justifying and optimizing future investment. And getting to an accurate portrait of how these campaigns are performing is becoming more challenging than ever. Finding the appropriate solution among a myriad of options can be the difference between success and failure for advertisers.

We know that every campaign is different

At Big Village, we take a disciplined approach to finding the right solution. We know that every campaign is different. These factors often dictate the appropriate measurement strategy. Big Village considers these details in determining the appropriate measurement plan for a given situation.

Some drive online behaviors; others don’t
Some are purely digital; others are multi-channel
Some enable respondent level personalization and measurement; others can only be measured by aggregation

Primary measurement approaches

Incrementality Measurement (aka Brand Lift)

Helps link digital and offline impressions to subsequent relevant behaviors, such as website inquiries and purchases, both digitally and non-digitally tracked.

Multi-touch attribution

Helps link digital impressions to subsequent relevant behaviors, such as website inquiries and digitally connected purchases.

Market mix modeling

Helps link historical marketing investments with the impact they’ve had on brand position and business outcomes.

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