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Healthcare Industry

Leveraging Multiple Methodologies for Consumer Healthcare Trends

A multinational mass media and entertainment corporation was looking to better understand what drives consumers around their healthcare needs and decisions, in preparation for their second annual consumer healthcare event. The event celebrates storytelling, innovation and human resilience in the health industry. Ultimately, our client wanted to improve their standing as a preferred partner for TV ad sales in the healthcare/pharma industry.

The Big Village Accelerated Intelligence team began this project by performing secondary research to identify the market trends, challenges, and opportunities moving the health industry forward.

From there, CARAVAN® team conducted an online quantitative survey to analyze these trends, better understand how consumers are approaching healthcare today and uncover how to best connect consumers with healthcare providers.

Next, Big Village’s Digital Hives team created an online community to conduct qualitative research and hear directly from consumers themselves. This helped to bring to life the emotional impacts of their own healthcare experiences, and those of their loved ones, and how they manage their health on a daily basis.

All of this research was completed in less than a month and a half, well within the client’s timeline and needs.

The Outcome

Big Village was able to provide our client with an integrated deliverable highlighting all three of our methodologies: using secondary research to identify and assess trends, quantitative research to test which of those trends mattered the most, and qualitative research to supplement the what with the why.


Our client was able to take this rich, detailed information to create a successful panel at their event, featuring panelists from leading hospitals, health insurance, and pharma companies. This information helped our client improve their authority to play in this space, and better establish themselves as thought leaders in the healthcare industry.