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Outsmarting the Competition: Rapid Insights for Strategic Planning

Our client urgently required insights ahead of an upcoming meeting with their CMO to discuss a competitor’s imminent ad campaign launch. The competitor was preparing to unveil a new campaign featuring a new spokesperson at a major national event. Armed with teaser videos 48 hours before the meeting, our client sought rapid consumer feedback on the campaign.

What We Did:

Utilizing our always-on, bespoke Hive platform, the Big Village team swiftly devised a comprehensive learning agenda to evaluate consumer responses to the rival’s latest campaign. Leveraging the teaser videos, we promptly gathered feedback from community members within less than 24 hours, amassing over 200 responses in record time. Employing AI tools for swift analysis, we extracted key insights and identified impactful quotes. Within less than 24 hours of collecting consumer feedback, our team delivered summarized findings along with notable quotes and videos to the client, enabling them to prepare thoroughly for their meeting with the CMO.

The Result:

As a result of our expedited actions, the client was equipped with critical insights and compelling data for their discussion with the CMO just 48 hours after our initial interaction. These insights provided an early indication of public reactions to the competitor’s campaign and empowered our client to proactively address competitive challenges effectively.