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SoundHound + CARAVAN: Uncovering Automotive Technology Preferences

The latest product from SoundHound, the pioneering provider of voice AI technology, has taken the automotive industry by storm. Their newest release, SoundHound Chat AI for Automotive, is a revolutionary in-vehicle voice assistant that provides automakers and their customers with access to the most advanced and powerful AI capabilities available today. As a way to share key insights into the automotive industry, SoundHound has commissioned an extensive omnibus survey, conducted by CARAVAN, to uncover drivers’ technology preferences.

What We Did:

To ascertain the most accurate data about in-vehicle voice AI technology and usage, the CARAVAN team launched a wide-reaching omnibus survey across the US, targeting regular drivers who operate their vehicles at least once a week. By employing their quick and reliable omnibus surveys, SoundHound was able to receive the data they required quickly, without sacrificing quality.

The Result:

Thanks to the extensive research conducted by CARAVAN, SoundHound was able to release insightful data that shines a light on US drivers’ automotive technology preferences. SoundHound’s resulting press release has received a great deal of media attention from leading publications such as The Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, and S&P AutoTechInsight. This amplification has helped establish SoundHound as the leading authority in the fast-growing spaces of generative AI technology and voice AI.

By setting out to acquire an extensive survey of drivers across the US, SoundHound has strengthened its position within the industry. The resulting data provides an in-depth look at the opinions of US drivers, shedding light on their preferences and behaviors when it comes to in-vehicle voice AI technology, and positioning SoundHound as a trailblazer at the forefront of the field.