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Unlocking Emotional Connections with Gen Z & Millennial Content Creators

Our client, a company specializing in creative and business software, sought to cultivate a vibrant community comprising their five core customer segments. Their aim was to gain valuable insights into their customers’ motivations, perceptions, pleasures, pain points, and brand experiences. With a particular focus on the Gen Z and Younger Millennial demographics, they aimed to understand their currently subscribed customers aged 18-34.

What We Did:

Our client was delighted by the efficiency with which we conducted various activities, including scheduling and executing in-depth interviews (IDIs), and gathering results through our Digital Hives Online Community. We swiftly carried out multiple high-visibility projects, incorporating extensive IDIs and ethnography. These initiatives provided invaluable guidance for crafting the appropriate messaging and emotional differentiation for their key products and target audiences. From setting objectives to developing guides, conducting fieldwork, and delivering results, these focus group and IDI projects were completed in less than 48 hours. We successfully harnessed the insights from these customers to drive meaningful change within the organization, always keeping humanity at the forefront and delivering at lightning speed.

The Result:

By providing direct and immediate access to customers and employing versatile objectives and methodologies, our insights have played a pivotal role in informing crucial marketing and branding decisions for new products and features, particularly in uncharted emotional territories for Gen Z and Millennial customers. We have facilitated our client’s understanding of how to effectively engage with younger content creators, conducting comprehensive data analyses on their habits, priorities, preferences, delights, and pain points in content creation. Furthermore, we have identified opportunities for our client to expand their presence in their customers’ daily lives, exploring competitive products and uncovering the emotional differentiators that our client can leverage to forge ahead.