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What is the Impact of Package Design?

Our client, a market leader in refrigerated grocery products, was considering redesigning the packaging of one of their most popular items.

They needed to understand if the redesigned package would resonate with target audiences, as well as the extent to which it might impact perceptions of the brand overall and/or drive changes in usage over the current design.

Big Village conducted an online survey through our CARAVAN® Plus framework among the client’s core demographic of grocery shoppers 25-64 years of age.

The study employed a sequential monadic approach. We collected background information around current usage/preferences and then moved on to answer specific questions around the package design they evaluated. This sequence of questions included a highlighter tool so the respondent could select specifics of the packaging that they liked and disliked.

The Outcome

The results from this research were helpful to our client in determining that a change in packaging would have a positive impact overall.

Among the key findings were:

  • The new packaging would be recognized on the store shelf better than the current design
  • The updated design collectively drew a more positive reaction as determined through heat map output