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Yearly CARAVAN® Survey Garners Press for M Group

Our client, M Group Strategic Communications, was looking to better understand holiday shoppers’ concerns about data breaches by retailers.  

What we did:

Big Village’s CARAVAN® Omnibus Surveys team executed the survey through our US gen pop online survey. Results were delivered via tables and the CARAVAN QuickView dashboard within two days, followed by an executive summary.

The result:

Our client was happy with our process of reviewing and providing feedback on the survey year over year, and have already renewed it for 2023. The client distributed their press release based on these findings on Nov 3, 2022, and our insights helped increase their exposure and pickup of their press release.

The most recent survey was conducted via an Online CARAVAN® survey conducted by Big Village among a sample of 1,009 adults ages 18 and older, live from October 10th through the 12th. Respondents were voluntary members of an online panel weighted by five variables – age, gender, geographic region, race, and education – using data from the U.S. Census Bureau to verify the accuracy of the results.

Here are a few examples of press pickup:

  1. Yahoo Finance
  2. Dark Reading
  3. WBTW News
  4. Security Shelf