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Data and analytics can give businesses a competitive advantage.

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to harness value from the data they have rather than identifying and filling in the gaps in these data streams that are the key to truly game changing analytics. Big Village helps clients capture the most value from their data not just through world class analytics (that’s table stakes) but by critically evaluating the data stack itself, identifying gaps, filling them, and then activating with predictive and prescriptive analytics. Whether your focus is on retaining your existing customers, reaching new customers, improving your operations, or measuring your success, we can help you get the most out of your data and analytic strategy.

Data Strategy

Having the right data is critical to driving value with data and analytics. Big Village advises organizations on their data stack through alignment and enrichment. Using a bench of highly qualified data strategists and an extensive network of data partnerships, we help clients identify gaps in their data ecosystems and procure the right internal and external assets to fill these gaps.

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Once the data sources are optimized, we help clients harness this data to drive business value. Across a wide range of use cases, including marketing, sales, customer experience, and operations, our data scientists deploy modeling solutions that help clients make better decisions.

Data Visualization & Activation

Data and analytics are only effective when they are activated in a way that enables business leaders’ unfettered and efficient access. Big Village builds technology and activation solutions that democratize data and analytics and ensure that it drives value. We help clients build business intelligence platforms, implement data enabled digital transformations of the customer experience, and activate highly precise targeted cross-channel outreach.