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Accelerate your B2B growth with Big Village

Big Village brings together industry expertise, blended research methods, and proven business frameworks that increase success rates and decrease risk in the pursuit of sustainable growth.

We remove speculation, guesswork, and emotion from the process to help B2B professionals identify and evaluate the merits of growth opportunities.

B2B @ Big Village helps you navigate key challenges

Keep up with the pace of change

Growth is hard and success stories are few and far between. Traditional methods no longer keep up with the pace of change, causing B2B professionals to lose opportunities before they have the chance to even identify them.

What are the key challenges?

Understanding markets

B2B professionals striving to enter new/other markets, size a market or understand competitive strategy, rely on Big Village to:

Determine the attractiveness of the market, gauge customer appeal and acceptance, and assess alignment to your core business
Gauge the size of the market, estimate growth trajectory, and understand competitive market share
Identify and track competitive strategy to evaluate market position, estimate sales growth, review marketing activity, and explore business structure
Learn how to leverage existing customer knowledge
Address internal processes, practices and attitudes that limit success

Finding and engaging prospects & customers

B2B professionals determined to grow and maintain their customer base, rely on Big Village to:

Maximize targeting of prospects based on who they are, where they are, and what problems they are trying to solve ​
Influence the buyer’s journey to understand what step they are in, who needs to be influenced to make a decision, and how they define value.
Evolve their products and services to best meet the needs of their customers while also reducing the cost to serve
Enable sales teams to more effectively engage with prospective buyers along their path to purchase ​

Optimizing brand & messaging

B2B professionals struggling to uplevel their brand position and refresh marketing content to drive awareness, interest, consideration, and selection, rely on Big Village to:

Refresh positioning, highlight track record of experience and expertise, address trends, pain points, etc. ​
Introduce adjacent expertise/ new line of business / recent trends / recent competitive changes​
Create compelling content to socialize learnings internally.​
Optimize investment in the brand ​
Create and activate thought leadership content to influence key audiences​
Understand and test the entire user experience

The Big Village B2B Difference

B2B buying models & sampling

Big Village understands the complexities of B2B buying models and journeys where decisions are spread among clusters of decision-makers and influencers. We use best-in-class B2B panel and recruitment partners to access hard-to-reach B2B audiences that can be difficult to find and equally challenging to engage.

Tailored methodologies & analytics

Our extensive research toolkit of qualitative, quantitative, secondary, and expert network methodologies allows us to explore multiple lines of inquiry to answer broader business questions. We utilize proven analytics and data science techniques, adjusted for B2B samples, to produce valuable insights

Delivering value & speaking the language of B2B

We employ a consultative approach that starts with the end in mind. Our experts design, execute, analyze and produce the highest quality data and insight in a visually appealing display via a compelling story. We also understand the importance of speaking your customers’ language. Great care is taken to craft research instruments that make sense to your target audience and recommendations that are tailored to your business.

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