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Connecting You to the Audiences You Need Now

Big Village Audiences

Are you struggling to reach your target audience effectively and efficiently? And, at the same time, struggling with increasingly fragmented behaviors? Does your budget continue to tighten, forcing you to do more with less? You are not alone.

Target campaigns efficiently

To target campaigns efficiently, marketers and their agencies increasingly rely on pre-built audiences. But this approach often misses the mark because the human judgements around what digital behaviors do (or do not) signal are sometimes imperfect. The reality is that online behavior does not always imply intent. So how can you make sure you are reaching the right audiences?

At Big Village, we’ve invested years in developing a platform that puts a stop to this problem. Rather than leaving it to chance, our platform ensures that campaigns target behaviors known to be exhibited by an advertiser’s target audience — by pre-validating them and restricting delivery only to those individuals who exhibit these behaviors.

Whether you are targeting an attitudinal segment, conquesting a key competitor’s customers, trying to reach a likely adopter of a new product, or aspire to reach your customers in channels outside your walls, we develop targeting solutions that improve precision by obliterating the doubt. And we do all this without requiring an agency transition, increasing your costs, or disrupting your established processes. We integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

How it works

Our high-performing audiences can be activated programmatically via data connected PMPs directly integrated with your DSP of choice or by accessing our inventory in many of the leading DMP’s. If the audience you need isn’t already built, we can develop one on a custom basis, usually in less than 2 weeks.

Additional ‘First Party’ activation services we offer, include:


We’ll enable you to target your customers digitally

First party data enrichment

we’ll help you understand more about your customers and their interests

First party propensity scoring

we’ll help you optimize your in-house models

With Big Village Audiences, you can:

Build + Validate

We keep a pulse on current beliefs through 1st party survey data.

Seamlessly Scale

We scale audiences into the wild with behave-alike matching.

Match to Media

We procure accurate results with 200+ pre-built segments.

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