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Applying a Data Driven Mindset to Guide Organizational Success

CX is More Than Just the Voice of the Consumer

Customer experience has grown in scope and definition since we first started asking customers about their overall satisfaction. Each evolution in our thinking as CX professionals and advocates has increased attention and thoughtfulness given to improving products, services, interactions, and key touchpoints along our customers’ journey. Our goal ultimately is to strengthen the bond between our brand, products, services etc. with existing customers and entice new customer growth.
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This paper highlights the various topics and use cases for Customer Experience measurement and management that have resulted in positive impact on our clients’ business performance. These case studies illustrate the importance of taking a data driven approach to business initiatives and goals.

With each case you will explore the issues and challenges the organization faced, what we learned through various forms of data collection and how we put the data into action to positively impact organizational success through action.

After reviewing this paper, you will be better equipped to integrate data into conversations, use data to drive decisions and discuss how investing in a factual investigation up front will save cost and facilitate growth in the short and long term. More specifically, this paper will aid in:

  • Risk reduction
  • Growing organizational knowledge of your customer base
  • Identifying actions to improve customer experience and business performance based upon current strengths and opportunities
  • Forming the connection of CX data to business metrics and appreciating why this is a necessity
  • Activating upon CX data in your organization

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