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Think You Know All There Is To Know About Moms? Think Again!

On Thursday, November 9th we held a complimentary webinar co-hosted by Big Village, Cassandra, and Wild Sky Media. View the recording below.
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Two Trillion Dollars. This is the estimated spending power of today’s mothers, who wield influence over more than 85% of all household purchase decisions.

In the post-pandemic world, Gen Alpha families have ushered in new dynamics. Over 90% of today’s moms express a desire for their Gen Alpha kids to play a role in family purchase decisions. We are witnessing the move from traditional “pester power” to a more collaborative buying model, where mom is firmly at the helm.

In an economic landscape marked by inflation, rising interest rates, and on-again, off-again recession scares, understanding these purchase decisions and what is driving them has never been more critical.

In this webinar recording we shared insights from our extensive conversations with moms on our MomLife panel as well as Cassandra’s perspective on how influence and purchasing is happening within today’s families. Our in-depth conversations with moms have accumulated over 5,000 minutes of insights, shedding light on their current sentiments and what we may expect to see in the year ahead.

View the Recording

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