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Insights that drive new product development

As the world experiences dynamic and constant change, it’s more important than ever to check and confirm your newest innovation will be appealing to consumers.

All you need, just in time

Get deep, emotional learning

Our agile approach leverages qualitative research from short-term online communities and quantitative surveys to provide answers to all your essential what and why questions.

Ensure all key questions are answered in time for decision making

When evaluating ideas, you don’t have to sacrifice depth or quality for cost or time. Fit-for-purpose design ensures all key questions are answered in time for decision making. By combining expert consulting with existing frameworks, enabled by a flexible toolkit, Big Village custom solutions are custom designed to meet your unique needs.

Increase your chance of success

From simple idea screens, to agile conjoint, to optimal price analyses, Big Village has the tools you need to increase your chance of success.

Activate your audience

Go beyond purchase intent

Quantifying purchase interest and other KPIs are necessary to steer new product development. Big Village takes these KPIs beyond the scorecard to create a target audience for your new product.

The Big Village Audience targeting solution leverages new product research data to create audiences for marketing activation. Typical new product audience targeting involves a lot of judgment calls and hops between data sets, which impacts the effectiveness of the target. The Big Village solution validates the digital signals to target known behaviors, attitudes, and/or intentions, such as the likelihood to purchase a new product. Increase the chances of a successful product launch with a ready-made audience of customers likely to buy your new product.

The Big Village Difference

We meet you where you are

We combine tech-enabled solutions with expertise to provide reliable guidance and recommendations — all designed to help you successfully launch your new product.

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