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Transformative Marketing in the DEI Era

The Diversity Advantage

Discussions of diversity, equity, and inclusion invariably come down to issues of identity. Unsurprisingly, the concepts of DEI can and often do mean different things to different people. While the general definitions around difference, acceptance, and fairness tend to hold overall, individuals often emphasize different aspects, especially when it comes to how brands can embody these DEI values.
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Despite the proven benefits of DE&I initiatives and its importance to consumers, examples of successful executions are limited. According to CARAVAN® data, only 24% of American consumers say it’s very common for brands to demonstrate this authentic commitment to DE&I today

With this in mind, Big Village Insights has endeavored to craft the DE&I playbook, a series of articles intended to help organizations with this critical work. We’ll answer critical business questions like:

  1. How do I define a DE&I strategy that resonates with my audience and aligns to my brand?
  2. How do I know if and how my brand has permission to delve into DE&I?
  3. How do I demonstrate authentic DE&I executions without alienating an audience?
  4. What are the drivers that cause behavioral change in consumers?
  5. What do I do if I fumbled an execution?
Each installment of The Diversity Advantage can be purchased individually for $500.

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