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Never Stop Looking for New, Innovative Products

April 20, 2022

People who know me know that I utilize a variety of tools to help me work smarter and not harder to make my job easier. If I am doing things repetitively, there must be a way to automate it. For example, I currently work on a brand tracking study, which has an online portal with dashboards showing charts and tables of key results. It was important to set-up SPSS syntax to re-use each wave to ensure the results were correctly calculated on the portal. We also set-up crosstabs that automatically update results with the new wave of data within the portal to support our quality checking process.


The Benefits of Innovative Products for Automation

Looking for new, innovative products to support automation is really important, as it can ultimately help free up time and allow us to provide insights and solutions to our clients’ objectives. Also, it is important to look for new, innovative market research solutions to meet clients’ business needs, especially right now, while clients want better solutions at a better price point, with a quick turnaround.


Finding the Right Market Research Partner for Your Innovation Needs

For companies who are looking for support with their market research, it is crucial that you look for a partner who offers solutions that are new and innovative. These tools not only help free up your partner from doing mundane tasks, but also allows them to concentrate on what’s most important – critical thinking. The market research partner will have more time to provide analysis beyond just the results themselves – marrying high-level insights and potential solutions to your objectives.


Big Village Insights and Innovation

This is exactly how Big Village Insights operates. We continuously look for new, innovative products to offer our clients as solutions to address their business objectives, which include products to promote automation, allowing us to have time for critical thinking.

Feel free to reach out to Big Village Insights if you are looking for better solutions to meet your market research needs. We have multiple tools that we offer for both small and large budgets, and we work with our clients to meet their needs wherever they are, which is important given today’s economic issues.

Also, if you are looking for a great place to work, feel free to explore our current job offerings here. Not only does Big Village Insights do market research well, but corporate culture too!


Written by Tammy Guevara, Director, Program Management, at Big Village Insights.