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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Pulse: Women’s History Month 2024

March 13, 2024

We surveyed Americans to get their thoughts on issues impacting women in the workplace. How concerned are they about the impact Dobbs v. Jackson is having on women’s rights? What are the biggest challenges facing working women? How do working moms feel about their employers policies for families?

Opinions are strongly expressed regarding women’s rights, especially concerning reproductive choices and abortion. The significance of women having autonomy over their bodies and the right to make decisions is highlighted by many participants. The recurring theme stresses the necessity of equality and fair treatment of women, both in terms of rights and in the workplace.

Concern for women’s health and the potential long-term consequences of limited access to abortion is voiced in some responses. A few male respondents express support for women’s rights, while others feel unaffected by the issue. Differing viewpoints exist, with some individuals opposing abortion, viewing it as unethical or equivalent to murder. Although less common, neutral or indifferent stances are also expressed by some respondents or no comment is provided on the matter.


In its 2022 Dobbs decision, the U.S. Supreme Court determined that the Constitution of the United States does not guarantee a right to abortion, overturning its earlier Roe v. Wade decision from 1973. In the wake of this decision, several states have passed new laws regulating abortion in their jurisdictions.

How concerned, if at all, are you about the impact of these developments on women’s rights?


What do you see as the biggest challenges facing working women?


by Generation

A third of Gen Zers say that issues with work/life balance is a challenge facing working women. Not surprisingly, this generational cohort is leading the charge on flexibility and are among those pushing back the hardest on back to office mandates that are seen as impacting working moms the most. According to research from The Cassandra Report®, 72% of Gen Zers feel they can work from anywhere.

As one of our Trendsetters told Cassandra, “[Our work ethic] is different from other generations as we have more options and crave independence. I think that it is because of the rise in remote work, having plenty of information to access online, and numerous connections.”

by Working Women and Working Moms


Have you personally ever experienced any of the following in the workplace?


by Generation

by Working Women and Working Moms

45% of working moms have experienced issues with work/life balance. Our colleagues at Wild Sky Media’s cafemom spoke to Laurel Smith, an entrepreneur and creator, who said:

“This wasn’t always the case, but recently, I really try not to work much after I get them home from school in the afternoons. It’s dinner, cuddles, puzzling, and family time after 4 p.m. Before that, I’m super focused at work and delegate projects I know I don’t have time to get done even if I have the skills to do them!”

“I have to be realistic about the time I’m given each day and my days of working well into the evenings are over. My task list that I make for each day — a list that builds as I go through the month and assign tasks a day to get done — really helps me to find the focus I need at work so that I don’t have to be completing projects at home.”

Do you feel that your workplace has good/flexible policies for families?



This CARAVAN survey was conducted by Big Village among a sample of 3,036 adults 18 years of age and older. This survey was live on March 1-6, 2024.

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