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Journey Mapping Services Enhance Customer Experience and Market Position

Our client (a global supplier of scientific instrumentation, reagents, and consumables and software services) realized the value in mapping their B2B customer journey from initial inquiry through purchase. Like many of our partners, the organization hypothesized pain points and key areas of strength and market differentiation. Looking for empirical validation, they appreciated Big Village’s collaborative approach to journey exploration, analytics, and action planning to enhance their customers’ experience and market position.

What we did:

Appreciating the current organizational culture and multi-stakeholder perspective along each customer journey, Big Village implemented our multi-phase approach to create a comprehensive journey map for each purchase channel.

Our framework begins with strategic stakeholder interviews across the key areas within our client’s organization. With a strong internal understanding, we then engage with market experts to appreciate our client’s specific industry landscape.

Now fully prepared for a relevant, targeted customer conversation, we conduct a series of in-depth interviews (IDIs) with customers representing various buyer types, geographies, and market positions (established, mid-size, emerging) etc. The results from this phase provide our initial journey map for each purchase channel. Micro journeys were also uncovered and mapped based on several characteristics and nuances discovered through the first three phases.

Knowing the journey is critical yet requires additional context of how well your organization is delivering on experience across each journey and micro journey. A multi-country quantitative survey was developed and conducted with our client’s customers to determine the stages and touch-points of greatest impact on key performance indicators.

The result:

With the use of predictive modeling, Big Village delivered comprehensive journey maps for each purchase channel. With these maps, we highlighted our B2B client’s performance including areas of strength and opportunity. Recommendations specific to each stage, geography and buyer type were presented via a multi-department workshop. Supplied with data driven insights, the organization and its internal stakeholder groups see how their piece of the journey fits into the whole and where disconnects in internal process can be remedied.

The improvement efforts and multi-department initiatives are just underway, but improvements have already been realized by internal teams and customers. Additionally, insights from this work are being used to shape global strategy for the organization.

Seeing the value in mapping their own performance, our client is now working with Big Village to benchmark performance to competitors. The results of this effort will be focused on global strategy to acquire new clients and best meet current and potential client needs.