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Brand building is a science that takes data and discipline

It’s the art of making connections and evoking emotion. It’s a journey — a process of sustained improvement while the competitive landscape, market dynamics, and consumer needs change over time. Big Village has the data, expertise, and creative spark to help build and strengthen your brand.

How does your brand stack up in consumers’ hearts and minds?

Understand what consumers think — and how they talk about your brand

Our agile approach leverages short-term online communities with surveys to provide a deep understanding of the emotional connections your brand — and competing brands — are building with consumers. Our in-house Data Science team develops fit-for-purpose analytics to identify what are the most important characteristics your brand needs to deliver to meet your goals, so that your limited resources can focus on what matters most.

What gets measured gets managed

Get actionable insights

Through a smart combination of survey research, online qual, and activation techniques, Big Village delivers actionable insights for brand managers.

Right-size your brand research

The most effective brand research measures only what is necessary to assess brand performance. The Big Village fit-for-purpose approach is fast and efficient, giving brand managers what they need to strengthen the brand. Our custom solutions align measurement frequency to business processes, ensuring that insights are relevant and just in time for decision making.

Understand the functional and emotional connections

Numbers on scorecards are insufficient to drive the positioning and communication challenges highlighted in your brand tracking. To inform necessary changes to brand strategy and tactics, brands need a systematic way to understand how they are connecting with consumers and where they want/need the brand to go next. Brand tracking should be integrated with qualitative deep dives to uncover insights to understand not only the “what,” but the “why’s” and drive what’s next.

More than a scorecard — the audience intelligence you need to strengthen your brand

Activate brand research data by developing targeted audiences

Brand research can do more than simply report the past. They can be a valuable tool to propel activation efforts in the market. Brand research provides valuable data on identifying key segments such as those unaware of your brand, aware/non-triers, or try/didn’t buy again, as well as those loyal to competitors and why. This data can be integrated with online behavior data to create addressable audiences you can target with tactical messaging, turning what was a scorecard into an activation platform to future-proof your business.

Know what you’re getting from your marketing spend

Know what’s working and what’s not

The complexities of today’s multi-channel world make it virtually impossible to tease out the relative impacts of your investments, making it difficult to evaluate where to double down and where to pull back. The Big Village portfolio of campaign measurement solutions is designed to provide direction on whether campaigns are working and what can be done differently in the future to improve.

What you need when you need

Market Mix Modeling for when you need a holistic assessment of your marketing budget.

Multi-touch attribution for when you need to understand the impact of your digital campaign on behaviors such as website visits or online purchases.

Incrementality Measurement (aka Brand Lift) for when you need to link digital and offline brand impressions to subsequent online and off-line behaviors.

The Big Village Difference

Get guidance no matter where you are in the process

Big Village meets you where you are. We combine tech-enabled solutions with expertise to provide reliable guidance and recommendations, all designed to help you leverage your brand and reach your goals.

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