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Family Finances Redefined: How Moms (and Their Kids) are Shaping the Economy

On April 30th, 2024 we held a complimentary webinar co-hosted by Big Village and Cassandra on the family financial ecosystem. View the webinar recording below.
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Last November, Big Village & Cassandra held a webinar where we discussed how moms were grappling with feelings of exhaustion, stress, anxiety, both lingering effects of the pandemic and driven by high inflation. We highlighted why this is important, given the tremendous purchasing power held by moms, who impact over 85% of household spending choices.

Today, a shift has occurred as moms embrace a more optimistic view of their financial well-being. Guided by a deliberate, strategic, and security-oriented financial approach, and helmed by the dominant “Mama Bear” attitudinal segment prevalent in Gen Y parents, moms are constructing a fresh family financial ecosystem, increasingly centered around a shared digital wallet. In fact, 94% of Millennial parents want their Gen Alpha child to have a say in family purchase decisions.

During the webinar, Big Village and Cassandra will dive into this evolving family financial ecosystem. Discover the factors fueling optimism among moms regarding their financial prospects and learn about our new MomLife segmentation.

View the Recording

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