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Know your customer, improve your outcomes

Big Village CX analytics, research, and strategic guidance improves your customer experience and your bottom line. Successful organizations manage customer experience across the entire customer journey, allowing them to nurture deep and lasting relationships.

How can CX help?

Capture the voice of your customer

Our consultative approach applies the voice of the customer to unique business questions, problems, and goals to create a custom solution.

Know how your decisions will affect your business

Do you know your existing, target, and growth customers; how they think and behave, and why they buy? Be armed with deep knowledge and strategic guidance.

Create and execute successful action plans and initiatives

Organizations require more than just Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs to measurably impact business outcomes. Big Village analytics, consulting, and research see the whole picture.

Start speaking your customer’s language with Big Village CX

Maximize your customer’s delight with simplified, personalized experiences. It’s easy to get started with all that Big Village offers

Consulting Services

Make the case for CX with simulation-based testing
Learn which CX touchpoints have the greatest impact
Get strategic guidance to yield the greatest ROI
Learn how to leverage existing customer knowledge
Address internal processes, practices and attitudes that limit success


Get insight into factors most important to the customer

Get insight into factors most important to the customer
Predict and simulate ROI
Set CX goals
Identify target customers and segments
Understand customer motivations and attitudinal nuances
Adapt to industry processes with competitive benchmarking


Explore the customer experience with journey mapping
Determine key drivers of overall experience and loyalty
Understand the market and competitive positioning
Identify root causes of attrition and retention
Build personas to inform your strategies
Understand and test the entire user experience
Test concepts and ideas effectively before implementation
Assess the post-purchase journey

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