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Full-Service Media Solutions

We’re media experts backed by data.

Our team is built to break-down adtech silos by combining attitudinal consumer insights, audience targeting, media activation and robust measurement to make media investments go further.

Understanding consumers is the foundation to driving successful media results.

Understand & Plan

Harness insights and big data to understand audiences, define your target and create smart media campaigns.
  • Owned primary research, data insights business
  • Attitudinal audiences
  • Exchange level data
  • ACR data partnerships

Target & Activate

Build and leverage audiences and advanced cookieless targeting solutions on premium, direct supply.
  • EMX Data Connected Marketplace seamless media activation
  • Cookieless audience targeting solutions
  • Premium, direct publisher supply
  • Curated content and live events

Measure & Optimize

Gain real-time insights, measurement and attribution to drive media performance.
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Incremental Reach Measurement
  • Reach and Frequency
  • Attribution, Brand Lift

We deliver innovative, data-driven, media solutions

Connected TV

The essential source for CTV, streamlining a complex and fragmented landscape with premium episodic inventory from every major network and channel. We’re your one-stop shop to make your investment in CTV go further.

Omni-Channel media

The programmatic gateway for ad buying on CTV, video, display, and mobile across all screens and devices

Data solutions and Data-connected PMPs

Proprietary data connects you to any audience, anytime, everywhere, with better data sources. Combined with EMX supply, we provide precise audience targeting, measurement, and identity solutions.

Custom audience targeting

Big Village Audiences are built with the most comprehensive, recent and trusted data sources. Building off our proprietary insights, we’ve built 1st party audience data that enables brands to effectively identify and deliver digital ads to audiences whose minds (and lives) are constantly changing.

We believe the world doesn’t need more data — it needs better data. Big Village creates audiences by applying the most recent belief data from primary survey research to build and qualify digital behavior. On average, Big Village Audiences provide 20% more precision.

Our Audience solutions help you deliver the right message to the right consumer, enabling you to understand customers & prospects, define their needs & determine how to best reach them.

Programmatic Solutions

We’re evolving today’s supply marketplace with market leading technology, clean and direct supply paths and full transactional transparency for buyers.

We operate on a simple premise: understanding consumers is the foundation to driving successful media results. Big Village Media provides a clear understanding of your media impact and effectiveness in reaching your consumers, leveraging proprietary analytics and impact measurement solutions. We help you make your connections deeper, your budgets go further and your KPI’s stronger.

How data is leveraged across the campaign cycle

Audience Targeting

Leveraging EMX comprehensive targeting strategies across formats and ad tactics, campaigns are custom built to serve client objectives and parameters.

Media Execution

The EMX media trading team manages campaign execution and performance using a variety of optimization strategies, data infused supply sources, automated tech and media expertise.

Campaign Optimization

Real-time data, insights, campaign measurement and analysis powered by the EMX Device Graph+ is harnessed to fuel optimization and achievement of KPIs.

Measurement & Analytics

All data is leveraged in a suite of measurement, analytics and attribution solutions to provide deep campaign insights to inform future media strategies.

Flexibility, simplicity, agility and expertise

Big Village brings together best in class exchange technology for buyers and sellers, unique partnerships and strategic expertise to plan and execute the most effective and successful media campaigns for brands. Over 200 DSPs access our exchange today.

We have over 10 offices worldwide with 24/7/365 customer support and global data centers. Our team of media experts is here for you. We are committed to driving your brand forward, faster and more effectively.

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