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The EMX Advantage for Sellers

EMX by Big Village connects sellers to a global advertising marketplace — leveraging our patented marketing technology — enabling you to maximize returns on your ad inventory across all formats and platforms with full control and transparency.

EMX is the #1 Premium SSP

Premium, Direct Supply

EMX is a market leading, global omni-channel supply platform, with the highest composition of premium direct inventory among leading omnichannel generalist exchanges enabling brands to connect with the audiences they want at scale in CTV, video, display and mobile across all screens and devices.

Full Transparency

As the industry’s first fully transparent SSP, EMX offers pricing visibility, granular reporting, and log-level data — setting higher standards for the industry.

Patented Exchange Technology

EMX’s fully owned, patented exchange technology is built and designed for 5G and the next generation of TV, CTV, and omni-channel advertising.

Cookieless Data Solutions

EMX’s data platform provides 1st party data solutions built for CTV and a cookieless world.

EMX Solutions for Sellers


More control. More revenue.

EMX’s proprietary header bidding wrapper is designed to put publishers back in control. BiddR°360 provides full customization and complete transparency — so publishers can optimize their header bidding stacks on their own terms. Our one-stop solution gives publishers the ability to create client-side auctions and manage demand partners through a single, easy-to-use interface, so you can have full control of your ad stack and monetization strategy.

BiddR Connect

Plugged in.

BiddR Connect provides publishers seamless access to EMX’s marketplace of unique demand, increased bid competition, CPMs, and maximum revenue across all demand partners. BiddR Connect is compatible with all major header bidding solutions and delivers access to 95% of the top Fortune 500 advertisers.

Private Cloud for Publishers

On your terms.

Leveraging our exchange technology, publishers can easily facilitate their own direct PMP deals with buyers through our marketplace. EMX offers ease-of-trading and value through transparent trading fees, brand level reporting, state-of-the-art patented technology, connections to all the major DSPs, and dedicated account management.

Flexibility, Simplicity, Agility and Expertise

EMX by Big Village brings together best-in-class exchange technology for buyers and sellers, unique partnerships, and strategic expertise to plan and execute the most effective and successful media campaigns for brands. Over 200 DSPs access our exchange today.

We have over 10 offices worldwide with 24/7/365 customer support and global data centers. Our team of media experts is here for you.

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